Pictures of our Leadership Team Members

James Grier
Church Leader

Pioneer of Unlimited Church with his wife Liz, father of two and lover of U2.

Liz Grier
Church Leader

Intellectual genius, harpist, mother of two fantastic boys and wife of James. Liz and James established Unlimited back in 2007, later becoming a Bishop’s Mission Order in 2012.

Pete Norris
Youth Outreach Worker

Pete is our Youth Outreach Worker and leader of all things outreach at Unlimited. Prior to becoming our Youth Outreach Worker, Pete spent six years in the design industry working for an agency in Bristol.

Hannah New
Girls Outreach Worker

Hannah was a fresh face for the Unlimited team back in 2015. Since then, she has been our church intern and risen through the ranks to become our Girls Outreach Worker.

Chris Harris
Youth Intern

Exeter Uni graduate, pub-lover, and the man with the most hair at Unlimited Church.

Emily Charkham
Leadership Member

Emily first came to Exeter from Cambridge in September 2016 to help at our Fresher’s Week Night Cafes.  A year later and she still hasn’t left! She works for Exeter Uni and is always up for meeting students for coffee during her lunch break.

Tim Chammings
Leadership Member

When Peter Parker was bitten by a radioactive spider, he developed amazing strength and agility. The extraordinary changes in his life led Peter to soon assume the mantle of New York’s crime-fighting Super Hero, Spiderman! Tim’s pretty normal though.

Sophie Harry
Leadership Member

Exeter-born primary school teacher, Sophie is passionate about loving people in a practical way.