What makes Unlimited, unlimited?

We are Unlimited Church, established in 2012 to help young people encounter the God they have never met and live the difference. To find out more about our history, our vision, our theology and our team choose from one of the sections below.

Our History

We’ve been around in some form or another for over 10 years, but really got going in 2010 and officially became a church in March 2012. We were started by the Church of England in Devon. They realised that most young people in Exeter have little or no experience of church and more importantly of faith and Jesus. We were released to start unlimited as an attempt to do something about this!

Our Vision

Unlimited Church: young people encountering the God they’ve never met and living the difference. We seek to be a church for all ages that helps young people to:

1. Know and pursue the life that God has given them
2. Throw off the things that hold them back from that life
3. Deal with the unhelpful beliefs and practices that entangle them
4. Fix their eyes on Jesus – who began it all and will complete it

Someone a very long time ago wrote something very similar to a church full of Hebrews!

Why “Unlimited”?

We aim to be unlimited by our acceptance and love of people, by our expectation of God and we don’t want to be limited by unhelpful aspects of culture and tradition.

We want to be Unlimited by culture and tradition:

We want young people to be themselves as they explore and express faith, rather than having to take on a form of church culture. We want to be real and relevant.

We want to be Unlimited in our openness to and love of people:

We are passionate about treating people as unique and as God’s made them to be. We want to see people, especially young people, as God sees them and as he’s made them to be, rather than labelling them or writing them off. This love also needs to be expressed practically in social action locally and globally.

We want to be Unlimited in our faith and expectation of God:

We intend to live by faith not inhibited by past experience or fears. We want our theology to come from God’s truth, not a version coloured by our experience. We want to grow as people of faith living expectant that God guides and speaks specifically into our lives and the church’s.

What do we believe?

If you want to pigeon-hole us theologically, here are some hints!

We are Anglican, and an initiative of the Diocese of Exeter.

We are evangelical, not in an aggressive fundamentalist way, but in that we love God’s word and believe it is full of the most fantastic good news and truth for life. We want to live by it and be changed by it, rather than change it to fit our experience, beliefs or convenience.

We are charismatic, not in a wacky or scary way (we hope!), but in that we want to be empowered and led by God’s Spirit and his equipping. We believe passionately that God speaks and guides specifically in life and that his power is at work in incredible ways which we want to be fully open to.

We also believe that we live in a broken messy world, where evil plays an all too clear part, which we want to stand against. Part of our resistance of evil is spiritual and in prayer, part is in getting stuck in and trying to make a practical difference. We believe that our expression of this needs to be both local and international, thus we want to take seriously social justice at home and abroad.

We believe lots of other stuff too but better to tell you about that over coffee and cake rather than via our website.

Our Commitment to Safeguarding

Unlimited Church is committed to the protection and safeguarding of children and young people. Our safeguarding policy is available upon request. If you would like a copy of our safeguarding policy please email info@unlimitedchurch.org.uk

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