What difference does Jesus make? You’ll here Christians talking about how he has changed their lives. But what does this really mean? Does this just mean they’re a bit nicer? Maybe. But in our experience, when we welcome God into our lives, he turns them upside down right-side up. We believe that God, through the Holy Spirit, does things in our lives that we can’t do for ourselves.

We caught up with Ray Thomas to ask him ‘how has Jesus changed your life?’ Ray is a local chap that met Jesus in prison (you’d be surprised how many people meet Jesus in prison!) Ray is the real deal! He’s a living and breathing example of what God can do when we welcome him in. Check out the short film we made with Ray below…

If you’d like to start exploring faith then come along to some of our weekly events. Find out more about our weekly events here.

We love the Alpha film series on YouTube – it has even got Bear Grylls in it! Alpha is a great series of 20 minute videos exploring different aspects of Christian faith. Check out Episode 2 below on ‘Who is Jesus?’

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